Everyone knows what the bloop is and what it looks like and what it sounds like. It's a sound that was thought to be icebergs but I believe it was really a Monster!

It is possible it is proof of mermaids, or as the DEEP suggests in episode 23 Bloop it was a communicative coral and it may even be a huge creature bigger than the blue whale.

The creature should at least be 100m long for it to make such a noise.

The best explanation is Leviathan, a whale many times bigger then the Blue Whale

It is impossible to be a Megalodon Shark as a Megalodon is only 60ft long.

It is unlikely to be the Kraken as for a creature to be big enough it needs a bony skeleton to support the size and the Kraken does not have a skeleton.

It could be a Giant Turtle seen in the DEEPas it was at least a kilometre long.

In the chat put down your suggestion about what it is.