The Livyatan is a true candidate for the title "mightiest sea monster ever". It was a Miocene raptorial sperm

whale with the scientific name "livyatan melvillei" after Herman Melville, the author of the Novel, Moby Dick. Although modern sperm whales are not vicious monsters, the Livyatan had a far more powerful bite. It ate massive sharks. It also shared its world with another apex predator, C. Megalodon. Now there is no question that the Megalodon shark was among the mightiest animals ever known, but how exactly would it fair against a huge predatory whale...

Well for one the Megalodon had the largest bite of any known animal, and Great white sharks which share some similarities to C. Megalodon are quite agile. Also, it has been confirmed that Megalodon hunted whales.

However, the Livyatan poses a whale of a problem. Since the Sperm whale can use sonar, the possibility that Livyatan could also cannot be ruled out. And the whale was clearly many times smarter. Sperm Whales have the largest brain of any animal today. And their brain is more committed to thinking than that of humans, which puts their IQ at potentially 2000! A.k.a: 20 times smarter than the average human. However, the whale can grow to 60 feet long, and this requires a huge amount of nerves to run the whole thing. This means that very little of that brain can be used on actual articulation, and most of it runs the whole monster. So Sperm Whales are probably not as smart as humans. In fact, a more likely estimate for IQ is between 20 and 35.

Still, the Megalodon's IQ is probably under 3, so the megalodon is pretty much an idiot compared to the whale. Next thing, this gives the whale the advantage of being able to use whale language to call in other whales that are potentially in the area. Some agree that the megalodon would kill one Livyatan, but the rest of the hoard of blubber monsters would devour the shark. So those people say that the shark would win 1 on 1.

After all, the shark has the bite. Unfortunately for the shark, the Livyatan has a different way of amplifying bite. It had the largest teeth ever used for eating (elephant tusks are larger, but these are not used to eat). So when you count up the advantages, it really doesn't look like things are stacked up too much in the shark's favor. It could also be that they would never risk wounding themselves trying.

Now probably some of you are saying, "are you sure that the Megalodon and Livyatan lived in the same areas, this fight may never have happened?" A just question, but it does have an answer. Megalodon was a global issue for Miocene animals. It inhabited every ocean on earth besides the extreme polar regions. Livyatan turned up in Peru, and later a similar specimen turned up in Australia. So not only did they encounter each other certainly, but one of them was a global problem, and another one may well have been also

People even stack things up in Livyatan's favor to such a point that it seems like Megalodon would be a nice prey item for the whale. However, megalodon was no joke. It maybe could grow to 20 meters long and still had the strongest bite of any animal ever known. Livyatan had teeth. Both had strengh. Livyatan had wit and friends (maybe). Livyatan could use sonar.