2007 11 LochNessMonster

the loch ness monster is a monster that is in relation with plesiosaurs as it is classified as one,although no one has seen the monster,many reports say that they got pictures of the monster and it has got the shape of a plesiosaur.many peaple have spent days trying to track down the monster but all efforts have so far failed. one of the most common pictures is the picture in black and white:

and the others are fakes but look cooler and not as realistic though:

can the monster exist?

Sightings of the Loch Ness monster have been reported for centuries. The earliest on record is from 565 when St Columba saved the life of a local who was being attacked by a monster in the river Ness (though some spoilsports insist it was actualy a wild boar). some evidence has been found! check this link to decide weather its fake or not.