heres what scientists though it actualy looked like.

velociraptor (vellosi-rap-tor)was a very deadly dinosaur that lived during the cretacious period.they were known to hunt in packs and bought down virtually any sized prey. every raptor pack was as dangerous as a charging tricerotops. and every raptor had a claw that sprung forward into prey. in movies such as jurassic park they show raptors running as fast as cheetas and smarter than chimanzees. in real life they wernt half as fast or smart, nor were they 7 foot monsters,buut instead one of the smallest of dinosaurs.the real raptors had feathers, not scales and even though it was one of the most clever of all dinosaurs, it was no smarter than an ostrich.the raptors in jurassic park were more like a bigger relative of raptor called (somethiing like deinochus)

questions and answers:

Q. was a raptor that fast? but it could run over 20 mph!

Q. were raptors 7 foot tall monsters?

A. no evidence is the picture to the right.

Q.was a raptor that smart?

A. no it was not. although it was amongst the cleverest of dinosaurs it was only no more cleverer than an ostrich.

the "7 foot tall raptor"